Our company has been active in machine representation since 1911. It has been established firstly on textile.  It still carries out representation of prominent machine manufacturers.

Our company, trusting its experience about machine representation, which is based on very long years, decided to be active also in Metal Processing Machines in 2008. Hence, it began to render service to also some companies which are active on metal parts manufacturing in various sectors like automotive supply industry, white goods, electric and electronic, various machine manufacturing, defence industry, aircraft industry, and etc , besides textile sector.
In first place, it is decided to start our new way with FEINTOOL, world leader fine blanking in Switzerland. Right after, another world leader in its area, BRUDERER has been included.

In the following years, our portfolio has been extended, beside fine blanking and press machines, again other world leaders in other areas, like  deburring, washing parts, metal sheets slicing lines, tool equipment, cleaning brushes, electro chemical mechanic processing, parts and band flattering, began to be represented by Bilol Ltd.

Our company, knowing that the most vital thing for the maintenance of agency walk of life is customer satisfaction, presents service with its whole team in sector, pre-sale and after-sale services.