Arku whose factory is located in Baden/Baden Germany, has been active in sheet metal field since 1928. Arku, with its more than one hundred staff today, is the leading company in European Market of levelling and feeding band equipment.

ARKU, has formed its production structure on 4 main fields
Precision Levelers for parts
Press Feeding Lines
Cut to Length and Slitting Lines
Coil Preparation Lines for Roll Formers
Arku, through FLATMASTER Hydraulic Precision Machines, offered to markets in 2005, can produce flat and stress-free sheet metal parts. Mechanic and Hydraulic Flattering Machines can be used for parts with thicknesses between 0,15 mm and 60mm. It is possible to test your all kinds of parts or coils in Arku. It will be just enough to send your parts to us .