BRUDERER, has been the guarantee for quality in high sensibility, performance, reliability and highly productive press technology since it was established in 1943 by Mr Egon Bruderer.

Bruderer, collaborating new ideas with new technologies, offers solution for all kinds of demands of customers, with a team including 550 people in their centre which is located on Frasnacht, Switzerland.

To rise up to 2000 strokes / minute, becomes possible with the technical differences, such as unique load distribution, offered between 18 and 250 ton press alternatives of Bruderer BSTA Series.

Standardized stroke change makes possible to adjust different stroke heights easy and reliable.   

Besides high speed, presses always need good feeding units to protect their sensibility.  In Bruderer, that produces these feeding units as well in their own factory , there are not only mechanic and servo feeding alternatives but also gripper feeding units.