Established in 1966, IMEAS is an Italian company whose name stands for “Industry for Machines, Equipment And Special tools”. It has been producing machines for processing specialty materials since its beginning, including stainless steel, high-alloys steel, titanium, aluminum, wood, plastics, rubber and several types of composites.

The whole process of design, engineering and production takes place in Villa Cortese.

As IMEAS operates in the high specialized niche market segment dedicated to the production of machines for surface finishing its whole production program includes top and bottom machines for grinding and repairing (RCS machines), polishing, brushing and buffing (AT modular system) and SuperMirror (PV machines) for both cold and hot rolled stainless steel sheets, plates and coils.
Moreover, IMEAS technical and engineering capacities span from the supply of a single, stand-alone machine to the complete, turn-key, high automated processing line.

During the last months IMEAS has succesfully tested a process for the realization of a new type of finishing, named CorkBriteTM. As its name suggest, this kind of finishing uses special abrasive belts containing cork particles with the aim to reproduce the effect obtained using traditional ScotchBrite™ brushes, anyhow in a much more productive way than the latter.
The up to now carried out tests show aesthetic results comparable to, and in some cases hardly distinguishable from the original, with productivity of 3 to 8 times higher.