PEMTec, is an engineering company specialized in producing very difficult parts with the precise electro-chemical mechanic process method.

PEMTec, founded in 1995 in Saarland/GERMANY moved to their new factory which is located in Forbach/ FRANCE.

PEMTec,  producing industrial machines in electro-chemical mechanic process technology , met  customers as a result of their effort in this field. Each person who met this technology has been really impressed with sensitive results of our machines.


PEMTec can offer solutions for many parts to be produced through precise electro-chemical mechanic process method and applications, owing to special advantages. PEMTec can be used in many areas like sensor applications, die cutting tool manufacture, matrix and punch fabrication, micromechanics applications, microsystems technology, medical technology, rapid prototyping, electrical industry, fabrication of small structures in metallic materials.